Our mission is in the name, Own Your Beliefs.

Our Mission

Own Your Beliefs makes it simple for everybody to invest in our planet.
Understand and act on the carbon emissions of companies and funds you have a stake in with our transparent data and easy-to-use tools.

Whether you're a professional or retail investor, with just a few clicks you can analyze your portfolio's equity-financed CO2e emissions to understand opportunities for targeted action and even remove them with the highest-quality permanent CO2 removal. We offer the most direct and effective way to balance your investment performance with minimizing your carbon impact.

If you're an activist, academic, developer, concerned employee, or just somebody who is conscious about our planet: explore our transparent data on our website or through our API. Join the community that believes sustainably data should be accessible to everybody.

What problem are we solving?

People want to align their investments with their beliefs - especially their concerns about climate change - or hold companies accountable, but
  • company sustainability data is hard to find and make sense of
  • and sustainable investing is hard and murky: how do you actually do it?

People care a lot about environmentally sustainable investing

When you own shares of a company's stock (directly or through funds), you share in that company's profits. But you also share responsibility for the company's environmental impact, including their CO2e emissions.

Recognizing this, investors want to put their money where their mouths are:

Environmental sustainability data is inaccessible and hard to make sense of

Despite all of the interest in sustainability and climate, it's hard to make sense of company environmental sustainability data even for professional investors or consultants:

  • ESG scores and ratings are misleading with many problems. They reflect subjective judgements or arbitrarily weighted factors and don't actually measure a company's impact on the climate.
  • Existing tooling and databases for understanding company CO2 emissions data are hidden behind prohibitively expensive subscriptions that can cost thousands of dollars a year.
  • Emissions data is also often unstructured, fragmented, and can be difficult to parse, aggregate, and clean.

And so it's hard to understand the impact of a single company, let alone compared to each other or a portfolio in aggregate.

Shortcomings with existing sustainable investing options

It's also hard to assess existing ESG investing options such as ETFs and other funds, or personalized investment products, which suffer from one or all of these shortcomings:

  • High fees to management and overhead (which might as well support carbon removal instead)
  • Meaningful historical underperformance compared to the broader market
  • Holdings that are not actually meaningfully lower in emissions intensity
  • Greenwashing, or at least a lack of clarity about what actually makes them “green”
  • “Values-aligned” investing suffers from arbitrary and subjective weights that are difficult to reason about
It shouldn't be this hard for anybody to invest in the planet.
With Own Your Beliefs, it no longer is.


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Our portfolio and fund methodology aligns with the Global GHG Accounting and Reporting Standard developed by the PCAF (Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials).